Raccoons are one of the most abundant and interesting mammals in Metchosin. People have a love/hate relationship with them. They think raccoons are so cute and precious or think they are annoying pests (I have even heard them called big rats). They might be all of that but they have very unique personalities. When young they are very curious and like to get into a lot of mischief. As they get older they get a lot grumpier and can even be dangerous, especially to pets. But, our area is full of food and if you are careful everybody can co-exist peacefully. You might see them during the day but they are normally out and about at night. Their front paws are very dexterous, much like human hands. They are very recognizable with their gray fur, ringed tail and the distinctive bandit/robber mask over their eyes. Raccoons are extremely intelligent. It is hard to imagine life without raccoons in Metchosin.

Raccoon perched on a branch
Raccoons have such a distinctive face
Raccoon released back into the wild
Raccoons released back into the wild
Raccoons exploring
Raccoon on a rocky beach
Raccoon on a rocky barnacled beach
Raccoon on the beach at low tide
Raccoon exploring tidepools
family of Raccoons
Raccoon climbing a tree
Raccoon in a tree
curious Raccoon
Raccoon in the forest

Background image by Larry Moss

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