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Metchosin Community Green Map


Metchosin Community Green Map - the cultural mapping of our region.
Discover the many stories and picturesque places that help define our community.

Sponsored by the District of Metchosin, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, the British Columbia Arts Council and the West Shore Arts Council with special thanks to Metchosin Green Mapping Group, Hans Helgesen Elementary School & Beecher Bay First Nation.

Map Artist: Isolde Verbrugge
Cover Artist: Gretchen Markle
Cover woodcut: Gala Milne
Graphic designer: Noreen Dennis
Coordinator/Editor: Elaine Limbrick/Moralea Milne

Metchosin Community Green Map - Page 1

Metchosin Community Green Map - Page 2

Background from map image by Isolde Verbrugge

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