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Animal Supplies & Services - feed, tack, pet food, vets, dog walkers, pet-sitting, wild animal rehabilitation

Arts - artists, authors, musicians, performers, teachers, groups, shows

Automotive - mechanics, tires, insurance

Community - local organizations that benefit and promote our community

Eat, Drink & Shop - restaurants, groceries, markets, pubs, bakeries, coffee shops

Education, Classes & Child Care - public schools, private tutoring, college, pre-school, daycare, dance classes

Farms - growers and sellers of vegetables, fruit, meat and more

Gardening Supplies & Services - seeds, plants, gardeners, landscapers, soil

Gifts & Treasures - art, crafts, books

Heritage Sites - museums, heritage buildings, church, roadhouse, lighthouse

Made Locally - finely crafted and manufactured right here in Metchosin

Professional Services & Trades - doctors, lawyers, computer & internet, graphic designers, construction

Recreation & Activities - golf, fishing, adventure

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