Black-tailed Deer


Columbia Black-tailed deer are a subspecies of the larger mule deer and are very common in Metchosin. They thrive on the edge of the forest where they find the underbrush and grasslands they prefer as food while also providing the hiding spots and cover they need. They are most active at dawn and dusk. They can be seen in ditches, roadsides and even crossing roads so always keep your eyes open for them while driving. Please remember that does will leave their babies for a few hours at a time when they are young so if you see fawns on their own don't just assume they have been abandoned. Keep an eye on them for a day to make sure their moms don't come back before calling a wildlife rescue like Wild ARC. Their cousins the Roosevelt elk are also seen sporadically in Metchosin.

Black-tailed doe
Black-tailed doe and fawns
Black-tailed buck
Black-tailed buck and cat
deer looking through the trees
deer grazing
deer browsing
deer face
deer portrait
Black-tailed deer and golfers
herd of deer
deer fawn in care
Black-tailed fawn
Bambi pleads for you to protect it's habitat
a wet fawn
Black-tailed deer
Black-tailed deer
Black-tailed buck
munching buck
deer grazing
deer bathing
Black-tailed doe
this buck's antlers are a little lopsided

Background image by Larry Moss

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