Big Trees


Metchosin has some of the biggest trees left in the Greater Victoria area. You can still find trees that are hundreds of years old like the coastal Douglas-fir and Garry oaks. Other large trees include the western redcedar, western hemlock, grand fir, bigleaf maple, arbutus, shore pine and red alder among others.

ancient coastal Douglas-fir on Metchosin Mountain
old growth forest at Matheson Lake
up, up and away
old coastal Douglas-fir on Mary Hill
old western redcedar in rainforest setting on Matheson Creek Trail
big trees in Metchosin
eerie cedar trees in Metchosin
venerable and unique coastal Douglas-fir at Pearson College
raccoon in a big coastal Douglas-fir
mossy maple at Witty's Lagoon
arbutus tree bark
Arbutus aka Pacific madrona
one day these fir cones might become big trees
Arbutus are so cool
the peeling red bark from a bright green Arbutus trunk is very distinctive
hurricane knocked tree over onto roof

Background image by TJ Watt

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