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Glen Lovett


Glen Lovett

Storyboarding, drawing, inking, writing
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Glen Lovett

Glen Lovett is originally from Australia and moved to Canada in 1994.

He was influenced early on by the European comics in the clear-line style pioneered many decades ago by Belgium's Herge, the creator of Tintin. He loved Herge's realistic artwork and the humour in his characters. They inspired him to create his own comics in his spare time all the way through high school.

His early comic work helped land his first job as a trainee layout artist with a Sydney animation company in 1981. Since 1995 he's continued working from his home based studio in the wilds of East Sooke BC creating storyboards and designs for animation companies in Canada, the U.S. and Australia. Disney TV, Warner Bros, Hanna Barbera, Nelvana, Nickelodeon and Atomic Cartoons are just some of the studios he's worked for.

His love of Siberian Huskies combined with his passion for comics inspired him to created the series of graphic novels The Adventures of Jasper. All of these books have won Ippys (Independent Publisher Book Awards).

  • Vol. 1 - Lost in Skookum Valley
    In the spectacular mountains of British Columbia, Canada, a sudden avalanche separates Jasper from his human companion Ruby. She picks up his trail and mushes her dogsled team deep into the mountains, determined to rescue her lost pup. Many natural dangers await them in the wilderness, but there is another enemy - poachers!
  • Vol. 2 - Secrets of the Petroglyph
    Deep in the rain forests of northwest Vancouver Island, Jasper and Ruby's summer holiday canoeing trip is suddenly interrupted by a spectacular meteor strike! A flash flood ensues and a long forgotten First Nations rock carving is discovered by our heroes. The carving reveals mysterious clues and sets in motion an exciting adventure to uncover the Secrets of the Petroglyph!
  • Vol. 3 - The Solar Trial
    Ruby visits her Australian cousin Banjo, an engineering student who has entered his prototype sun-powered car in the Solar Trial, a 3,000km race through the Australian outback. Banjo and Ruby are hijacked mid-way and it's up to Jasper to track them down, encountering colourful and dangerous Aussie characters along the way.

Glen's wife, artist Kay Lovett takes care of the typesetting and technical side of publishing these fun books.

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