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Tom Henry

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Small Farm Canada Magazine, Stillmeadow Farm

Tom Henry is a Metchosin author, newspaper columnist, radio host, magazine editor/publisher and farmer who is known for his entertaining visions of rural Island life and for his histories on our part of the world.

His humorous and biting musings on rural life have included books such as Dogless in Metchosin, a syndicated newspaper column and a CBC Radio Show "Country Life".

Tom has written histories on diverse topics including the City of Duncan, Union Steamships, Canadian boxers, BC mining and my favourite Westcoasters: Boats That Built BC.

Farming has been an important part of Tom's life and in 2004 he co-created and acts as editor of Small Farm Canada magazine.


  • The Good Company: An Affectionate History of the Union Steamships (1994)
    Winner of the BC Historical Federation's Lieutenant Governor's Award
  • Paul Bunyan on the West Coast (1995)
  • Dogless in Metchosin (1995)
  • The Ideal Dog: And Other Delusions (1996)
  • Westcoasters: Boats That Built BC (1998)
    Winner of the 1999 Bill Duthie Booksellers' Choice Award for BC Book of the Year
  • Small City in a Big Valley: The Story of Duncan (1999)
  • Inside Fighter: Dave Brown's Remarkable Stories of Canadian Boxing (2001)
  • Following the Boulder Train: Travels with Prospectors and Rock Doctors (2006)
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