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Madoka Suzuki

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Madoka Suzuki

Madoka (or "Madu") is a dancer who grew up in Japan training in classical ballet and hip hop. She then went on an around-the-globe-voyage with a focus on Africa and South America to explore why people dance and why dance was born. This voyage changed her perspective on life, and she is now committed to dancing for peace and freedom of expression. She has been described as a "Revolution Dancer" by Donisha Prendergast, Bob Marley's granddaughter, and has since performed in Cambodia to raise awareness of the plight of street children, in Japan at various travel and peace-related events, and in Canada for TEDxYouth with an anti-bullying message. After her journey, she began teaching hip hop for kids, tots, teens, and adults in Chiba, Japan and Vancouver, BC. She now lives and creates in Metchosin BC, Canada where she teaches hip hop at Movement Dance and Pearson College and hopes to continue to make meaningful change through dance.

She runs a dance studio for all ages in Metchosin specializing in hip hop - Movement Dance Studio.

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