Metchosin BioBlitz


Metchosin BioBlitz

Since 2011 the Metchosin Biodiversity Project has held the Metchosin BioBlitz every spring. Dozens of expert and amateur nature lovers search the woods for as many different kinds of flora and fauna as they can find in a single day.

In 2016 they took inventory of 4 different areas on different days during the spring and held the annual MycoBlitz in the fall.

2016 also saw the first Metchosin Biodiversity Day in April, a public celebration with walks and talks and displays.

On the Metchosin Biodiversity Project website you can find information about species found during the BioBlitzes, photos, tools and more.

Background by Roger St-Pierre, photo by Moralea Milne and artwork by Gala Milne

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